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Thorough Whole Body-Mind Assessments

A patient assessment here at Hale Health Medicine always involves a thorough investigation with a focus on uncovering causes and contributors to your health issue or illness. Many doctors and specialists like Dr Hale have taken the extra Functional Medicine training to learn the value in doing these comprehensive assessments and realise the rewards in providing personalised, effective, and safe whole body-mind solutions.

Using the principles of functional medicine, Dr Hale is not limited to finding a diagnosis and prescribing a medication. She can also search for, and make sense of, a single or a multitude of contributing or aggravating factors underlying your symptoms or illness. Even if a disease or illness is not yet present, her comprehensive assessment will present an ideal opportunity to learn about where you are not in optimal health and how to take steps to realise optimal health and reduce or reverse the evolution to disease or illness in future”

Functional Medicine recognises optimal health, severe disease, and everything between.

Dr Hale recognises and understands the existence of optimal health and the fact that there is nearly always HEALTH before there is DISEASE (except in congenital disease). Through her Functional Medicine training, Dr Hale has become adept in translating your symptoms into clues about where you may be in the spectrum between health and disease. She has also become an expert in devising strategies to slow or even prevent the progression to illness or disease.

If you have a chronic illness that remains poorly defined, with ‘no diagnosis’ and no available medical treatments, you may have been told you need medication for depression or anxiety. You may have also been told that your problem is ‘functional’ or ‘in your head’.

At Hale Health Medicine we see many patients who fit this description and their disorders include chronic gut/digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities, functional neurological disorders and unexplained pain disorders. Many of these patients are extremely distressed about not having a ‘real disorder’, and as a result, their illness can worsen. Dr Hale takes these challenging patients seriously, performs a careful history/examination, and devises a targeted investigation strategy to find out the nature of the illness and what could be causing it. She is an expert in working out how the multiple aspects of the physical body (gut, metabolism, immune system, neurological system or circulation) and the environment (diet and surrounds) are contributing to unexplained illness. She is also an expert in putting the ‘whole picture’ (of the patient together, interpreting investigation results and devising personalised management program directed at reducing the triggers and perpetuators of illness. In this way, with minimal medical intervention, she can lead most patients back to health.

Functional Medicine recognises that there are problems with HEALTH even when there is NO DISEASE.

Some patients have chronic illnesses that remain poorly recognised and are not treatable with drug therapy, despite exhaustive investigations with their family doctors and specialists. Such disorders include chronic gut/digestive disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, functional neurological disorders (where patients have physical manifestations but no clear diagnosis), and other unexplained disorders. Often, a cursory examination doesn’t give clues and routine laboratory tests are normal. As a result, many patients are told they don’t have a diagnosis or a real disorder and that it could be due to depression or anxiety. Sometimes patients are diagnosed with a somatisation disorder which in some cases is not correct and needs to be further investigated. These ‘no through road’ scenarios for patients can greatly worsen a struggling patient’s already fragile health situation.

Experienced Functional Medicine doctors CAN make inroads with these challenging patients by investigating the ways in which their gut, metabolism, immune system or circulation is not functioning optimally. Basic first principles (diet, lifestyle, exposure and stress reduction) can be used to reduce the triggers and perpetuators of symptoms to help patients recover. Further and repeated ongoing investigations may be warranted especially as new scientific findings come to hand. Dr Hale and team are well versed in the difficulties that many patients with chronic illness have had and look forward to getting an increasing number of them back to 100% health.

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