Digestion, IBS & SIBO

GUT HEALTH is now one of the most popular subjects in any discussion about optimal health. Digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and dysbiosis are now becoming recognised causes of ill-health, and even some disease processes.

A thorough Functional Medicine assessment always involves a thorough history of gut symptoms and a series of tests that exclude dysfunctional bowel problems such as poor digestion, poor absorption, poor motility, dysbiosis and small intestine bacterial (or fungal) overgrowth (SIBO or SIFO).

Dr. Hale says, “In my training as an internal medicine specialist, there was very little information about functional abdominal disorders. We did however learn to appreciate the connection between anxiety or stress and functional bowel disorders, especially abdominal pain. However, we weren’t taught the importance of proper digestion because we weren’t taught the detail about ‘the downstream effects’ of poor digestion, food intolerance, or poor motility. It has taken me some years to appreciate the definitions and the many ways in which poor gut function and poor gut health can affect our overall health.”

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