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A personalised approach incorporating internal medicine, functional medicine, neuroscience, nutritional science and mind/body practices

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Incorporating a personalised & precise whole body, whole mind approach. 

We treat and manage midlife women’s health and menopausal issues. We also treat complex, chronic or puzzling conditions including mould or mycotoxin illness, IBS & SIBO, chronic (or ‘functional’) neurological problems, peripheral neuropathy, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mast cell disorders,  early cognitive decline, type 2 diabetes & fatty liver.

Specialist Physician and Certified IFM Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr Hale and her team bring Excellence in Whole Body, Whole Mind Medicine to the Sunshine Coast.

Dr Georgina Hale

Specialist Doctor, PhD & Author

“I have been a hospital internal medicine specialist for almost 30 years and for the last four years, have been incorporating the principles of functional medicine into my practice.

Completing my certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) in 2016 was just the beginning. Since familiarising myself with the extensive scientific research that forms the basis of my IFM training, I have had an ever growing appreciation for the importance of underlying causes and contributors to my patients’ symptoms.

If you have a health issue you wanted solving, you may ask, what would we do differently? For a start we take time to assess your comprehensive pre-consultation questionnaire and we also take at least 90 minutes for your first consultation. This allows us to fulfil our commitment to fully exploring the factors that we determine could be causing or contributing to your symptoms or diagnosis. My training with IFM has allowed me to make sense of the many ways in which your diet, lifestyle, stressors, infections, and environmental exposures are influencing your health and/or disease. I have found patient care that involves this kind of approach to be very rewarding, particularly when a patient’s previous investigation or treatment program has not been successful.

If you are at all interested in finding causes and/or contributors to your health issues, I along with the team here at Hale Health Medicine are committed to assisting you. Our approach is highly personalised, safe and involves whole-body-beneficial management strategies. We are continually improving our approach with the latest advances in functional nutrition, nutri-genomics, and neuroscience techniques such as EMDR, LENS neurofeedback and Audio-Visual Entrainment. We are also committed to monitoring patient outcomes on an ongoing basis and providing a platform for clinical research in collaboration with the Sunshine Coast University.”

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An IFM Assessment begins with you completing the Hale Health Medicine Intake Questionnaire.

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Midlife Women’s Health Book

In her first publication, Dr Hale finally brings us the information women have been waiting for. This is the first time such precise, detailed, and understandable information about midlife hormones has been delivered to everyday women. Dr Hale includes information from her own published study data in addition to the up-to-date research on midlife women’s health. What you can expect:

Detailed, clear explanations about your hormones at midlife before menopause
Easy to understand explanations about why you often experience symptoms before menopause starts
To understand why midlife is a time of oestrogen excess and why you need to know about environmental estrogens or ‘xenoestrogens’
Simple, easy to incorporate diet and lifestyle modifications to help your body manage the estrogen and other hormonal load
To feel lighter, clearer in the head and better equipped to get out, get into action and make a positive difference in the world

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Dr Georgina Hale

Dr Georgina Hale


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