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Dr Georgina Hale


Dr Georgina Hale

Specialist Doctor, PhD & Author

I have been a hospital-based internal medicine specialist for almost 30 years. In recent years, I have moved much of my clinical work to the private practice setting, where I do more comprehensive medical assessments. It is through these detailed assessments that I have had success in helping patients with complex, chronic or unexplained symptoms despite multiple assessments by their family doctors or other specialists. Even if my assessments don’t lead to a specific diagnosis or diagnoses, my body-mind functional medicine training has allowed me to understand what could be causing unexplained symptoms or health issues.  In this way, I can teach patients about the factors that are unique to them which could be triggering or perpetuating their problem. Examples of these triggers include poor diet, an adverse lifestyle, excess stressors, mental health issues, infections, or even excess environmental exposures. Clarification of these triggers and perpetuators then allows me to devise personalised recovery programs aimed at tailoring medications, diet, nutritional’s, lifestyle and specific mental/emotional healing strategies.”

Midlife Women’s Health Book
Coming early 2024!

In her first publication, Dr Hale finally brings us the information women have been waiting for. This is the first time such precise, detailed, and understandable information about midlife hormones has been delivered to everyday women. Dr Hale includes information from her own published study data in addition to the up-to-date research on midlife women’s health. What you can expect:

Detailed, clear explanations about your hormones at midlife before menopause
Easy to understand explanations about why you often experience symptoms before menopause starts
Explanations as to why midlife can be a time of oestrogen excess and why you need to know about environmental estrogens or ‘xenoestrogens'
Easy to incorporate diet and lifestyle modifications to help your body manage the estrogen and other hormonal load
Understanding on how you can feel lighter, clearer in the head and better equipped to get out, get into action and make a positive difference in the world

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