Getting Started with the
Intake Questionnaire

Booking procedure:

  • Contact us via email
  • We will send out our comprehensive intake questionnaire – please take your time completing this
  • We will also send out an information document and an acknowledgment form for you to sign and return to us
  • Once you have returned a completed questionnaire and acknowledgment form, we can make a booking
  • Prior to your appointment, we will ask you to complete a second set of intake questions based on your initial questionnaire responses


At your appointment:

  • Medical history, nutritional/medical examination specific to your condition and a review of all relevant past investigations
  • Dr Hale will recommend a series of investigations and your initial eating and lifestyle instructions
  • At your second consultation, Dr Hale will review your initial investigations, and from here, may order further testing and/or devise a comprehensive management program with initial and future strategies