Service Programs & Therapies

Whole Body & Mind Medical Assessments

Specialist Medical and Functional Medicine Assessments and Whole Body-Mind Management Plans

Women's Health

Perimenopause & Menopausal Health – Expert Assessments and Whole body-Mind Management Plans

Clinical Psychology

Meet our Clinical Psychologists Dr Paula Rodrigeus and Errol Rodrigues – taking Clinical Psychology into The Future

LENS Neurofeedback

Low Energy Neurofeedback System – Advanced Applied Neuroscience

EMDR Trauma Resolution

Eye Movement Desensitising and Reprocessing for Gentle & Rapid Trauma Resolution without Repeating Trauma

Personalised Nutrition

Meet our PhD Nutritionist Dr Shelley Cavezza Functional Personalised Nutrition using Nutrigenomic Evaluations

Group Psychology, Learning & Coaching

Meet Fiona Gregory, working with Dr Rodrigues to Support Redirections to Health Diet-Lifestyle Choices and Habits

LILT (Red-Infrared Light)

Low Intensity Light Therapy for accelerated soft tissue injury recovery

Relaxing Beauty

Non-invasive facial treatments while relaxing with our Advanced PSIO Photo-Bio-modulation technology and BioMat beds