Our Whole Person Approach at Hale Health Medicine

IFM refers to the Institute of Functional Medicine. IFM Functional Medicine is the specific educational format taught at IFM in the United States. Dr Hale became IFM-certified in 2016. 

The IFM certification requires attendance (now candidates can attend most of them via webinar) at eight weekend seminars or modules and a nine-hour MCQ exam.


Why would anyone want a functional medicine assessment?

  • You may have consulted multiple medical and non-medical health professionals or undergone multiple investigations and treatments without an answer or solution.
  • You may feel OK right now but want to know the steps you can take to avoid chronic disease and the need for medication.
  • You may simply want a whole-body medical assessment and personalised advice on how to make sense of the vast online information on diet, nutrition, lifestyle and supplements.

Our functional medicine ‘whole person’ approach is critical to uncovering the key contributors and perpetuators underlying any complaint. Through our comprehensive intake questionnaires, a thorough medical history/examination and a whole body ‘systems-biology’ approach, we aim to minimise investigations (and associated costs) and use only those that will truly assist in uncovering the factors causing your issue.

Some of the early life factors we take into account are your ACE (adverse child experience) score, reflux, eczema, asthma, recurrent infections, antibiotics or allergies. We have a strong focus on getting comprehensive details about your current stressors, your sleep, and any gut symptoms and what factors have led to relief or aggravation. We also focus on the myriad of different types of toxins in your food and environment and the ways in which you could be having difficulties in your detoxification pathways.

Finally, we focus on finding out what areas of your body are inflamed or are adversely affected by whole-body ‘systemic’ inflammation.

There has been increasing interest in ‘inflammation’ within the scientific community and its role in the development of disease. As researchers and clinicians, we are only now starting to realise the many ways in which chronic inflammation can impact our health in the short and long term. Chronic low-grade inflammation is often missed on routine testing, but a careful patient assessment and carefully selected testing can give important clues about whether you have it or not. We can also provide clues as to which body system or processes the inflammation may be adversely impacting.

Once your assessment at Hale Health Medicine is complete, Dr Hale and other members of the team will begin the process of teaching you about likely underlying contributors or causes of your health issue. Dr Hale will be the principle director of your medications and personalised management plan, but other members of the team will be there to support you in carrying out her recommendations.

We appreciate that some patients will require more assistance than others in incorporating the Hale Health Medicine management program, so we ensure that support is available after each initial consultation. Our health coaches will offer assistance with getting your specific eating plan organised, your lifestyle program started, your stress management strategies worked out or the first steps to get better sleep underway.

Are you ready to take the first step?

An IFM Assessment begins with you completing the Hale Health Medicine Intake Questionnaire.

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