Depression, Anxiety & Trauma Related Illness

Dr Hale and Dr Rodrigues work together to provide comprehensive assessment and management strategies for mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and post-trauma syndromes. Many mild depressive symptoms can be successfully addressed with dietary modifications alone, however, because individuals with low mood are susceptible to poor motivation, the team also provide psychological and other patient coaching and support.

Dr. Rodrigues is one of the few clinical psychologists combining EMDR trauma release techniques with LENS neurofeedback. These two modalities are well researched and have been used to restore health to people with severe PTSD. LENS neurofeedback alone has also been found to be beneficial in mood disorders, sleep disorders, child behavioural disorders and in optimising memory and executive performance in healthy individuals.

Dr. Hale is particularly interested in adult-onset anxiety, accompanying other constitutional symptoms such as fatigue, irritable bowel symptoms, vague or fleeting neurological symptoms and recent onset headache or unusual pain syndromes. She is now combining information from Dr. Rodrigues’ LENS neurofeedback brain-mapping with the MRI brain volumetrics (CorTech Labs neuroquant). In this way, Dr Hale and team are assisting people with previously untreatable chronic illnesses where memory and/or cognitive function is adversely affected and there are puzzling functional neurological findings.

As an adjunct clinical associate at the Sunshine Coast University, Dr Hale is intending to study the efficacy of the combination of LENS and Neuroquant volumetrics (from MRI brain images) in chronic fatigue and other disorders. Senior Lecturer Shelley Cavezza will be co-advisor and research assistant for these projects.

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